About FileShare

In a nutshell, the TechDex FileShare Suite is a simple and easy-to-use file management and serving service for both personal and business use.

There are many other services that allow you to store files, even serve and download files, so why would you use the TechDex FileShare Suite? Here are just a few reasons:

  • FileShare's security bans executables and other malicious types of programs from being sent to the server automatically, which means that you don't have to worry about someone serving virus, spyware or other types of malware that can damage your computer.
  • We use active scanning to scan for viruses, worms, trojans and other dangerous files and weed them out for added security.
  • FileShare creates a special secure link so your files can be downloaded without revealing the direct location of your files or directory.
  • FileShare business allows you to create sub accounts for your employees and associates! (Includes admin account management system)
  • Even though directory browsing is disabled by default, users will have the option to enable/disable directory browsing.
  • No one can delete or remove your files except for you or the administrators at TechDex Development & Solutions.
  • Files uploaded are never linked to directly, (hotlinked), but is served by a new technology called TechDex Menace.
  • And much more! Keep reading to find out...

About TechDex Warden & TechDex Menace:
TechDex Warden is a relatively new technology that serves as an intermediary check between the client, (the web browser for example), and the server.

It's job is to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic to and from the server over port 80 and block pre-determined data that is known to be malicious, and custom data that you don't want.

It also has an antivirus, spyware/malware database that scans the web directory on the server to remove malicious content and protect the clients from being served malicious content.

TechDex Menace is actually two technogies in one. The first is Warden (the guard dog), and another new technology that facilitates secure file transfers over standard http port 80.

The founding theory was to 'mock' secured https encryption and use it specifically for file transfers. After one tester called it a "wicked" application for bit transfer, we named it "Menace."

At the moment there are no intentions of releasing Warden or Menace to the public... at least not anytime soon. It is however an integrated part of the TechDex FileShare Suite.